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Located in Bougival, Isabelle and Bruno Boulay specialise in the restoration and selling of seats and sofas, as well as the manufacture of curtains, nets and blinds. Thanks to their extensive expertise, they can adequately advise you on the installation of wall hangings, carpets, fabrics, wallpapers, passementerie and curtain rods.

Discover a large selection of bedding items such as bedspreads, cushions and bolsters in our workshop.

Visit us and meet our dedicated and professional team,

who will establish a personalised quote and deliver your work within the agreed deadlines.

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Armchair, seat and sofa restoration

As true guardians of a heritage which dates back to the XVI century, our master upholsterers use traditional know-how (webbing, spring, horsehair, straw and cane work) to restore and stuff your armchairs, chairs, seats and sofas.

Attentive to your needs, we ensure your furniture is comfortable and help you choose the best finish to enhance its look (nails, galloon, piping).

Thanks to our many years of experience in the business, we can adapt our traditional methods to modern materials (foam), and thereby accommodate diverse styles.

We can also create unique tailor-made pieces of furniture according to your required dimensions.

Curtain and net making

Choosing the right curtains and nets is fundamental for a successful interior design project.

Your custom curtains and nets are hand-made by our meticulous upholsterers in our workshops.

Rely on our experience and advice when it comes to choosing the fabric best adapted to your style and taste.

We will recommend both traditional (pinch pleat or pencil pleat heading) and modern (wave or eyelet heading) finishes.

We also advise you on your choice of lining according to your needs: Fleece, blackout, thermal and/or soundproof.

Blinds, Japanese panels

Roller blinds, cassette blinds, vertical blinds, wooden or aluminium Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, Japanese panels:

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY will manufacture or provide you with the model that best suits your interior design.

Visit our workshop and discover our amazing models.

From innovative fabrics and finishes to technical features that meet the specific needs of each client, our products will be a major decorative asset for your home.

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY also supply a range of outdoor blinds for terraces and verandas.

Curtain rods, passementerie

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY offer a selection of curtain rods ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. Our suppliers include Houles and Silent Gliss.

Rest assured that our team will assist you in choosing the right accessories, whether in terms of colour, material (wood, steel, brass, etc.), end caps or mechanism (manual or electric).

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY also have a lovely choice of passementerie (galloons, tie-backs, fringes, pipings, cords) that will enhance your decor.

Come, discover the different styles available at our showroom in Bougival.

Wall hangings, stretch ceilings

Wall hangings have earned themselves a prominent place in our homes. Today, they allow us to create attractive visual settings, as well as add a touch of elegance and character through various fibres and patterns.

Wall hangings, stretch ceilings

The fabric is stretched on a stick

and has invisible finishes to provide a neat and contemporary look.

Besides its obvious aesthetical purpose, it also helps in concealing your walls’ imperfections and contributes to soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Do you dream of a stretch ceiling? Hire our services. We will quickly install your stretch ceiling so you can enjoy an immediate result.

Fitted carpets, carpets

Whether glue down or stretch in, Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY can supply and install your tailor-made fitted carpets. Our team will help you choose the model offering the colour, pattern, fibre quality and technical characteristics best adapted to your home.

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY also stock a large selection of standard and custom carpets to suit your budget.

Headboards and bedspreads

Bedding is an essential part of bedroom decoration.

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY specialise in the manufacture of your headboards, headboard covers, bedspreads, cushion, bolster and pillow covers.

They also manufacture and restore traditional bedding, as well as distribute TRECA and DIROY bedding, feather and synthetic fibre pillows and bolsters.


Isabelle and Bruno offer a wide range of fabrics and wallpapers that are ideal for your walls, windows and furniture. Besides, our products are suitable for various projects and adapted to all budgets.

Working in collaboration with several fabric designers such as:

  • Osborne & Little
  • Designers Guild
  • Lelievre
  • Colefax and Fowler
  • Rubelli
  • Jab
  • Jane Churchill
  • Manuel Canovas
  • Elitis and many others, we are sure to unearth your dream fabric and pattern.


Isabelle and Bruno offer a wide range of fabrics and wallpapers that are ideal for your walls, windows and furniture. Besides, our products are suitable for various projects and adapted to all budgets.

Working in collaboration with several fabric designers such as:

  • Tenue de Ville
  • Masureel
  • Marburg
  • Isidore Leroy
  • Pierre Frey
  • Elitis
  • Missoni Home
  • Romo
  • Villa Nova
  • Coordonné
  • Casamance & Casadeco
  • Prestigious textiles
  • Designers Guild
  • JP Gaultier
  • Christian Lacroix
  • et beaucoup d’autres…

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Bougival and discover all our products.  Hire the services of experienced and passionate professionals to bring your project to life!

Fabrics and wallpapers

Decorative accessories

Our showroom in Bougival stocks a large selection of finished products such as cushions, tartan blankets, lighting, carpets, etc., that are available for sale.

We are at your disposal for any order with one of our suppliers.

Isabelle and Bruno BOULAY also manufacture various custom products. Send us your queries. We will get back to you in the shortest time possible.